Spine manipulation


Spinal manipulation (also known as an “adjustment”) is a treatment method that is used by manual therapists to treat joint pain, stiffness and headaches. It is the treatment that chiropractors are best known for, however it is just one option for treatment out of many, and not all patients need it or qualify for it. Spinal manipulation involves applying a quick, but gentle, thrust/force through a joint within its normal range of motion.

What does it do?

You may hear a “popping” or “cracking” sound during the treatment, which is the sound of gas bubbles within the joint being released. It does not “realign” or put the spine or hips back in place. It simply helps increase range of motion of stiff joints, provide temporary pain relief in the area, and help decrease muscle spasms and tightness. The conditions it can help with are joint/muscle pain or stiffness, and headaches.

Does it hurt?

It is normally quick and painless! However, in some cases there may be temporary soreness afterwards.

Do all chiropractic patients get this treatment?

No. Your chiropractor will ask about your medical history and previous injuries to determine if this treatment is right for you. If you are not interested in receiving this treatment, please let your chiropractor know that you would prefer other methods of treatment.

How often do I need to be “adjusted”?

This will depend on what the complaint is, what your goals are, and the treatment plan created for you by your chiropractor.

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