About & FAQs

Our Focus

Our focus is to motivate patients to proactively prepare their body and mind against pain, and dysfunction using the most cost-effective health care available and treating the patient as a whole. It's crucial to concentrate not only on the symptoms the patient has but more importantly why those symptoms are present. Some of the areas we will concentrate on are: rehabilitation exercises, nutrition, workplace ergonomics and overall healthy lifestyle.

Our Experience

Each of our staff members, whether Doctors of Chiropractic, or Registered Massage Therapists, or even Treatment Specialists, all come with over 4000+ hours of both theoretical and practical knowledge each.

Our Brand

Physiodome is here to change the way we look at our health. Our focus is always on you, the patient, and how we can listen to your questions and concerns and accurately pinpoint the underlying issues at hand.

Our Mission

To provide a one-stop shop for health for our valued patients. Also, to be a leader in evidence based care using cost-effective treatment.