Jade Houston (R.Ac)

Jade is a registered acupuncturist and yoga teacher. She treats patients with pain and dysfunction through acupuncture, moxa, auricular acupuncture, cupping, herbal medicine and Chinese food therapy.

Jade focuses and approaches pain by utilizing holistic and organic healing techniques. Her journey to practice acupuncture has not always been traditional; however, her heart has always tried to guide her to helping people with pain and dysfunction. Thus, she turned towards traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture as a form of healing.

She started her journey working many years as a production accountant for big oil companies and the corporate world. She transitioned into the world of traditional Chinese medicine because deep down she wanted to use her skills and training to help heal patients with pain and dysfunction.

In her free time Jade loves to enjoy the outdoors, taste new foods, and relax with a glass of wine while reading.