Why choose physiotherapy at PhysioDome?

At physiodome our physiotherapists are movement specialists that use hands-on approach to help improve/maximize joint range of motion, decrease pain and restore function. Our physiotherapists have a Masters level education and many years of experience and training in helping with the following injuries and conditions:

o Lower Back Pain

o Neck Pain

o Arthritis

o Whiplash from Motor Vehicle Accidents/sporting injuries

o Headaches

o Tendinopathies/impingements

o Strains/Sprains

o Chronic Pain

o Knee Pain

o Vestibular Disorders (Vertigo and Dizziness)

o Ankle and Wrist Pain

o Shoulder Pain and Rotator Cuff Dysfunction

o TMJ (Jaw) Pain and Dysfunction

o Falls and Fractures

o Incontinence

o Neurological Conditions and Nerve Pain

o Pregnancy-Related Pain

o Osteoporosis

Do you need a Medical Doctor referral?

- A Medical doctor referral is sometimes required for physiotherapy sessions as some insurance plans may need a note to reimburse you for your appointment.

What to expect during the 1st visit?

- The physiotherapist (PT) will complete a thorough history followed by a detailed and focused physical examination. Following the examination the PT will relay what they

have found during the examination. During this time the PT will inform the patient if any imaging is needed and will provide them with a general requisition. If no imaging is needed, the PT and patient will develop an individualized treatment plan for the patient.