Why choose Chiropractic at PhysioDome?

Our chiropractors are experienced doctors who use a variety of techniques individualized to each patient. Chiropractors are required to have 7+ years of education (at least 3 years in undergraduate university and 4 years in chiropractic program) and extensive training to help with the following conditions/injuries:

o Neck pain

o Low back pain

o Upper/mid back pain

o Chronic/acute pain

o Sports Injuries

o Headaches/dizziness

o Disc Herniations/sciatica

o Spinal Stenosis

o Shoulder, Elbow Wrist and Hand Pain

o Pelvis, Hip, Knee , Ankle and Foot Pain

o Nerve/tendon impingements

o Spinal Instability

o TMJ Dysfunction (Jaw Pain)

o Sprain/strains

o Rotator Cuff Injuries

o Plantar Fasciitis

o Arthritis

o Whiplash and Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

o Pre/Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Do you need a Medical Doctor referral?

- No you do not need a medical doctors referral. Chiropractors are primary health care practitioners who have the ability to diagnose, treat and refer to other doctors.

What to expect during the 1st visit?

- The chiropractor will complete a thorough history followed by a detailed and focused physical examination. Following the examination the chiropractor will relay what they have found during the examination. During this time the chiropractor will inform the patient if any imaging is needed and will provide them with a general requisition. If no imaging is needed, the chiropractor and patient will develop an individualized treatment plan for the patient.

Will I Get treatment on my 1st visit?

- Depends If the patient does not need any imaging and it is safe to treat.

What is an adjustment?

- Spinal manipulation (also known as an “adjustment”) is a treatment method that is used by manual therapists to treat joint pain, stiffness and headaches. It is the treatment that chiropractors are best known for, however it is just one option for treatment out of many, and not all patients need it or qualify for it. Spinal manipulation involves applying a quick, but gentle, thrust/force through a joint within its normal range of motion